Mélange Salon

Branding, Print

Yaima Fernandez is a Cuban immigrant who found her passion in styling hair for her family and friends. She arrived in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2002 and worked to support herself through cosmetology school. After graduating with honors, Yaima went to work at LisaKaren Salon and learned her big smile and sincere attitude was more important than her broken English. She became a US Citizen in 2007, purchased the salon seven years later and gave it a new name - Mélange Salon.

In French, 'mélange' means mixture. I liked the idea of having the business cards for this hair salon mimic that theme. What came out of that is a business card with 7 different designs for the back, each reflecting a different hair texture or style - short, straight, curly, kinky, braided, etc. The result is a fun piece that the owner will enjoy handing out to potential customers.