Holy Cross Centennial

Holy Cross Catholic Church in Yorktown, TX began in 1868 as 'St. Mary's' and was at that time a simple wooden church built by Polish settlers of the area. In 1915, the church was devastated by a fire and had to be rebuilt. I was asked to develop a mark for Holy Cross' Centennial celebration in 2015 and thought it fitting that the only surviving original architectural element, the cross that tops the steeple, take center stage.


Shop River Ranch

In 2009, the firm I was employed with was approached by a small collective of business owners from the still relatively new River Ranch development. Their dream was to form a co-operative and maximize advertising dollars to put River Ranch's Main Street on the map as a high-end shopping destination. Simple and clean, this mark has lasted through many seasons and an evolving lineup of businesses.


7 Chics

7 Chics began as the dream of a fashionable Lafayette woman to own a boutique. The twist? That boutique wouldn't stop at dressing shoppers for an event, but would also provide professional makeup services. Inspired by the close friendship between herself and her 6 girlfriends, the name was easily decided upon. The mark, born of the two elements in her original concept, tells the complete story of this trendy and fashionable boutique.